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Dr Dood is Totally Alive!

The Glorious Misadventures of Dr Dood

Dr Dood
Hello! I am the amazing Dr Dood! I am currently studying Japanese and stuff in Preston after spending a year in Japan. Japan was great and full of shiny lights which Preston does not possess! I am originally from Castle Donington which was kind of boring. University is much more fun and full of excitement.
24, afi, air, alias, american head charge, angel, anime, anna tsuchiya, arcade fire, arrested development, asian kung-fu generation, aural vampire, avril lavigne, azumanga daioh, azumi, back horn, baloons, battle royale, battlestar galactica, beatles, bleach, bling rings, bloodhound gang, bone, boukenger, bowling for soup, brilliant green, broken saints, buffy, bôa, cake, captain jack harkness, cerebus, clawjob, coheed & cambria, comics, daft punk, deadpool, deftones, dekaranger, delta fiasco, densha otoko, do as infinity, doctor who, doom, dr dood, evangelion, family guy, feeder, firefly, fozzy, fra-foa, franz ferdinand, freezepop, frou frou, full metal panic, futurama, g gundam, gantz, garbage, garnet crow, giant robots, goldfinger, gto, guitar, gundam, hajime no ippo, harvey danger, head phones president, high and mighty color, house, howling bells, ico, ikaruga, interstella 5555, jakalope, joanna newsom, jumping, kamen rider, katou kazuki, kim pine, konjiki no gash bell, kupek, le tigre, lexx, lisa miller, lost, lost at sea, lostprophets, magiranger, manga, mooney suzuki, mst3k, nine inch nails, nirvana, offspring, one piece, p.o.d, peep show, pink floyd, playing guitar, plumtree, police, polysics, punisher, purple, quake, rage against the machine, resident evil, rrootage, rufio, s-cry-ed, sambomaster, scott pilgrim, scrubs, sentai, serial experiments lain, shiina ringo, sitting, sleeping, spider jerusalem, spider-man, spin aqua, stargate, subways, sum 41, super robots, survive style 5+, synthpop, system of a down, tenimyu, terratag, tfc, the delta fiasco, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, transmetropolitan, tv, undergrads, vandread, veronica mars, versus, yakitate!! japan, zero 7