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"And I'm so fucking bored, you can leave me in orbit...."

I am bored so I shall blog. Because I can.

My parents went to Italy yesterday so the house is mine for the week. This is great because my parents are annoying and stuff. I moved my xboxes downstairs so I could hook them up to the big TV and found out that the thing is HD. This is surprising because it's a couple of years old now. It only has the one HD input but I only have one HD device so that is all I need. So thanks to the magic of laptops and remote desktops I have just been living in the aptly-named living room with the curtains constantly closed, blocking the evil sun from coming in. It's great.

I have been playing Enchanted Arms and it's super. I got three hours in and then this crazy Ice Woman appeared, killed off my two favourite characters and then genocided a city. That was totally unexpected. The thing I love most about Enchanted Arms is how they have a tutorial for every single possible thing you can do in the game. Like opening chests. Or climbing ladders. And every single time it's the same thing "Press the A button to do something. Would you like me to repeat that?". It was pretty annoying the first seven times they said this, but then it got ridiculously funny. "To swim, press the A button. Would you like me to repeat that? Press the A button to smash crates. Would you like me to repeat that? Press the A button to talk to people. Would you like me to repeat that?" It just amuses me that they've built this game for somebody who has never even touched a video game before and then go and releaase it on the 360 which is the least new-user friendly console ever.

I found out about this band today called Straylight Run and they have a song called Existentialism on Prom Night. That's the best name for a song ever. It inspired me to write a song called "Nihilistic Convergence". It is going to go on a new EP I shall never get round to finishing called "Dr Dood Has: Song Titles With Really Big Words".

And now the album I was playing has finished and there is silence and the remote is out of reach so I have to put my laptop down and I can't be bothered to pick it up once I put it down so I shall finish here. Catherine Feeny is wonderful, I saw her on Glastonbury TV earlier today and then torrented her album. I highly recommend everyone do the same.
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