Dr Dood (drdood) wrote,
Dr Dood

The Eurovision Song Contest is awesome. Of the 24 people in it this year, about 20 of them were just crazy, weird and/or stupid.

This guy with the shiny diamond on his head was from the Ukraine and came second. The France group all wore pink and ran around everywhere, and the Swedes had hypnotic wheely things in the background.

They were also a bunch of different countries that had goth girls, each with a different gimmick. There was the one with the scary face, the one with the shiny hand, the one with the drums and the one with the violin.

ALSO! After all the main acts had come on, APOCAfuckingLYPTICA came out and did some epic cello-rock masterpiece while some Cirque de Soleil-alikes jumped around the place looking as if they were about to die. It was great. According to wikipedia, Lordi also played but I missed the first half and didn't see them. Serbia won the whole thing with one of the only "real" songs which was quite dissapointing. I was hoping for the Ukraine at the end.

I finished my second year of uni on Wednesday. I had my last exam then which I think went rather terribly, but it can't have gone too bad because I'm sure I would have been told straight away if I was too crap to go to Japan.
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