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"And the sky is filled with light... can you see it?"

I leave for Japan tomorrow. Supposing all goes well, I'll get to Japan on Wednesday eveving and then I start Crazy Japan University next Monday.

Packing has been annoying. I have a 20kg limit for my suitcase, and that's not even close to the amount of weight I'd like for all the stuff I have to take. After packing my suitcase with what I just assumed to be the bare essentials, it weighed in at just under 30kg. It's still a little over 20kg, and when I phoned up the airplane people to ask what happens if I go over my weight, they said I have to pay £40 for every extra kilo. That is horrible and expensive and I hope they were lying.

I have no clue what my internet is going to be like when I get there. I've heard I have internet, but I don't know if it's super crappy or super awesome. I hope for the latter. I also hope they let me into Japan. I think I'm supposed to have a whole load of money in my bank account before I go to prove I can survive for a year, but the student loan people are being really smelly and not giving me all of my money. They said I'd get it ASAP but I don't have it yet!

I hope Japan is awesome. It would suck if it wasn't.
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