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Since I am trying to put off doing work I am going to update my Live Journal with excitement!

I have been eating crumpets recently. Lots of crumpets. I bought 32 crumpets last week and they are almost all gone. I have some with me right now. They are delicious. One of them fell to the floor when I pulled it out of the toaster but I am still going to eat it. Because I am British. And British people eat crumpets. They do not throw them away because they fell on the floor.

I found out on Wednesday that I am going to Nagoya University of Dirty Foreigners in August. This is great. Pretty much my entire reason for going to uni in the first place was my year in Japan and now it's only five months away. I still have to pass the year but I imagine I will do, I am awesome after all. And that is a wicked name for a song. One of the cool things that makes no sense whatsoever about going to Japan is the money I get. I get a larger student loan then I normally do PLUS the Japanese Uni also gives me a scholarship that is not that much less then my student loan. Essentially what this means is during my year in Japan, I get over TWICE AS MUCH money then I do for being here in England. That is both crazy and stupid.

I just ate the crumpet I singled out earlier. It was great.

I need to get back to work. It is that dirty bitch Astronomy again. She just keeps coming back for more.
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