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"When the sirens flash is gone, and we're left to carry on..."

My shiny new laptop came today. It's all shiny and new. Thus far, I like it.

Also, since it is Christmas and I can use this as an excuse to spend money I don't really have, I have bought all of Freezepop's CDs from various places online, and I got a couple of groovy Freezepop posters, they rokk. While looking for Freezepop discs I came across www.cdbaby.com which is a site I've been to before but never really bought anything from, it's basically a huge indie record site chcok full of glorious musics. Since I like supporting independent music I decided to buy up all the Plumtree discs(Plumtree are great, I've heard them described as cuddlecore) and one of the discs was part of a "3 for $15" sale and since it was $13 anyways I decided to take them up on their offer. And then in browsing the site I found lots of bands that sound really cool so I went and bought stuff from outside the sale. All in all I've bought 8 CDs from them for about £40, boy do I love the exchange rate right now.

Typing that was fun. I like the keyboard on my laptop. It makes a reassuring clicky noise.
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