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"Uk waaaaah, ich habe spooooooooon..."

I am off to the home direction in a little bit, and I am all packed and stuff. It's sad, I am going home for about a month and that's way too long a time. I think I'll sleep for the next week or so but then I'll be really bored for the rest of the time. And I won't be taking my computer home so I won't have any internets for a while. At least, not until I get a laptop for Christmas! It is a joint Birthday-Christmas-Birthday present thing.

I am taking the Guitar Heros home with me and I plan on completely and utterly destroying those games over the next month. It will be great. If I have not 5 starred every song on every difficulty by the time I'm back at uni then my life will have been meaningless and I shall commit harakiri with the guitar hero controller. Or, if that's not possible, I'll at least TRY.
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